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Ge Electric Motor Model Number

Ge washer motor speed sensor kit is for ge washer motors with a speed sensor. This part number is rp7673085paz240 and is used to buy ge washer motor parts.

General Electric Motors Catalog

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General Electric Electric Motors

The rp4952365paz650 was announced by ge at the 2022 autumn ces. This part number is for the ge washer drain pump assembly. It is designed to help clean the washer of debris. This is done by using ablowtube and connected༼ it to the appropriate handle. Another method to clean the washer is by using a benchmade saw with a hughson tube the ge electric motors are perfect for washer motors. They have a high-quality and reliable construction. They are also easy to control with a experienced operator. this is a general electric motor catalog for ge refrigerators. It includes parts for fan motors, like the pr3001913pag900. this is a vintage ge electric motor fan assembly. The fan is attached to the motor with screws, and the fan itself is then attached to the edges of the boxy box. The fan has a few nicks and dings, but it is still in great condition. The box is also included.